Saturday, 27 July 2013

Whoops! that's not a Comma

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

Managed to get ou of the house 'early' [8.30 am] this morning with the boys [age 1 and 4] for a walk around Ken Hill Woods. I'd half hoped we might bump into a Grass Snake or get some nice views of White Admirals. Whilst stopped by the edge of a ride some dog walkers asked what the Balck and White butterflies were, thats easy White Admirals. Then they asked about the 'Ginger' one and again I said thats easy it'll be a Comma. Then they left and then this thing beat its way down the ride and landed on a Bramble flower.

This is a UK tick for me of a species that seems to be spreading in Norfolk and a welcome addition to this morning butterfly list.

A few pics of some more expected species taken this morning added for interest.

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

White Admiral Ken, Hill Wood

Peacock, Ken Hill Wood

Red Admiral, Ken Hill Wood

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