Saturday, 20 December 2008

Waxwings in the Gloom

I had to get out for some fresh air this afternoon and decided to head east along the coast road aiming for Burnham Norton. Just before I got to Holme I glimpsed three birds in roadside Hawthorns that I thought looked like Waxwings, finding a safe place to pull off the road I managed to approach the birds quite closely. Unfortunately I never managed a clear shot without branches in the way and the light was truly awful. As a consequence this cropped image is the best shot I managed to get. Despite the poor light and speeding traffic it was great to find these beautiful little birds and be able to spend some time with them as they fed and 'twittered' to each other.
I eventually made it to a gloomy Burnham Norton and did the usual circular walk around the marsh where I saw two or three Marsh Harriers, similar numbers of Barn Owls and a single a ringtail Hen Harrier.
Not surprisingly given the cloud cover and with tomorrow the shortest day of the year it got dark frustratingly early with the first coast bound wave of pinkfeet coming over at ten to three.

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