Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunny Sunday Morning Beach Walk

Woke to a clear blue sky and blustery breeze. Decided to walk along the beach from Hunstanton towards Holme. Great light and for most of the walk relatively few people about. Started out taking pictures of the waders and gulls feeding on the exposed mussel beds beneath Hunstanton cliffs. The Common and Herring Gulls here have learnt to drop mussels from a height to break them open and as is the case elsewhere on the coast the Turnstones have learnt to try and get to the broken mussels before the gulls can descend.
A bit further along flushed a Little Egret which dropped down in front of me giving me a chance to fire off a couple of snatch shots including the cropped version here.
On the beach by the top end of the golf course I found the flock of Snow Buntings reported on Birdline East Anglia yesterday, over 50 birds in the flock, quite flighty and by now the beach was getting busy so this is the best image I managed to get.

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