Sunday, 12 June 2011

A evening spent on the Bog

Nightjar, Dersingham Bog

Dersingham Bog 22.10: Nightjars are churring making a sound like the worst shortwave radio interference, three or four Roe Deer have been barking to each other and a couple of Tawny Owls have been 'hooting' to each other from the woodland edge. A group of birdwatchers voices intrude across the silent heath on the western horizon the last pastel pink stain left by the setting sun and above a four fifths moon.

A very tranquil hour and a half and the relative coolness of the evening kept the biting insects at bay but may also have been responsible for the lack of Glow Worms sightings [some had been seen here last weekend].

I tried the EOS 5D MK2 out on the Nightjars pushing it to its limit with a ISO setting of 6400 to get the result shown here, maybe I should take a flash next time?