Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What happened to July?

Been on holiday, more on that in another post. Here's a quick update from the notebook on a few sightings from July.

Tuesday the 8th of July
A commute in and out of Norwich was enlivened by a Red Kite in the morning over the northern ring road around Fakenham, always amazing how even when driving their distinctive shape gives them away from a long way off. During a  lunchtime walk in the Rosary Cemetery it was nice to see a Muntjac and then on the way home a Common Buzzard over Sculthorpe.

Sunday 20th 
A family visit to Brancaster Beach. At the beach hut in the dunes we had great views of a resting Grayling, whilst offshore and then over the dunes 7 [but perhaps as many as 11] Arctic Skuas harassed the Sandwich Terns including one unfortunate bird that had 6 Arctic Skuas chasing it at one point. Also offshore was a single Gannet but no Little Terns.
Grayling, in the dunes behind Brancaster Beach

Noteworthy that day were screaming packs of 20 - 30 Swifts over Brancaster and Thornham and a more precise [and repeated count, but still I reckon an underestimate] 31 over the Lincoln / Boston Square are of Hunstanton