Friday, 8 March 2013

Cemetery Magic

Naturalised Crocuses, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
I've written before about the Rosary Cemetery in Norwich and the amazing early spring display of naturalised Crocuses that carpet large areas of the Cemetery at this time of year. This for me is a natural spectacle just as visually impressive as some of our native wild flower meadows and of a different but the nonetheless important value.

I managed a walk around the cemetery earlier this week and the display is at its best, so if you are in Norwich in the next week set aside a little time to take in the show.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Fallow Walk

Fallow Deer Buck, Ken Hill Wood, Norfolk
A lovely crisp blue sky day and a little bit of free time saw me take a lunchtime stroll around Ken Hill Wood with my new 'toy a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 compact camera. I have had this camera just under a week and really like it and am enjoying testing in in different conditions.

Posted here are a couple of grab shots, the Fallow Deer above taken at the extreme end of the cameras x 20 telephoto [just under 400mm equivalent]. Not bad for a camera that disappears in the palm of your hand.

The woods were bizarrely quiet today and pretty much devoid of dog walkers which is probably why this Fallow Buck was feeding in the open, in daylight by the side of the path. I see wild Fallow Deer in west Norfolk on a few occasions each year, normally when driving and they are feeding close to the shelter of some woodland, but I'd not seen one in these woods before.

The image below was taken using the TZ30's macro setting and under exposed 2/3 of a stop so that the white petals retained some detail.

Snowdrops, Ken Hill Wood