Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lunchtime Jays and Squirrels

The woods whether at Ken Hill in North West Norfolk or in the centre of Norwich at the Rosary Cemetery have been quiet during my lunchtime walks of late.
Grey Squirrel with Conker in Oak tree, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
Today as I walked around the Rosary Cemetery the resident Grey Squirrels were much more in evidence than they have been recently bounding across the leaf litter between the gravestones, grey tails streaming behind them as they searched the ground for food. Then as I climbed the small hill in the middle of the cemetery still enclosed by green leaves I could hear the manic call of a agitated Squirrel coming from a large oak tree. This individual sat out on a bough allowing me to take a few shots with my little compact camera of which the one here is the sharpest. The Squirrel can clearly be seen to be carrying a horse Chestnut in its mouth so given its position in an oak must have carried this from somewhere else.

The other reliable wildlife sighting in the Cemetery in recent weeks have been the Jay although these can be much harder to get close enough to for photography. This bird did perch up on a gravestone and stay still long enough for me to stalk it and get this shot with my compact camera at its maximum telephoto.
Jay, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
Hopefully as autumn kicks in the lunchtime birding here will get a little bit livelier, how long before I hear the first Redwings of thee winter?