Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunday Tea Time Longhorn

Rusty Longhorn Beetle, Arhopalus rusticus
We have a tiny, tiny back garden in Hunstanton and by no stretch of the imagination can it be described as wildlife rich. However over the years a few goodies have turned up including a Convolvulus Hawkmoth 'roosting' on a sock on the washing line [interestingly it chose the sock that most closely matched its own colour to roost on] and on a number of occasions fly over Waxwings.

On Sunday afternoon whilst giving the kids their tea and watching the first spits of rain splash against the window, no1 son asked me what was it high up on the window, initially I thought it was a moth, but when I realised it was  Longhorn I went outside and stood on a chair to take this picture with my TZ30.

I posted the picture on Facebook and a entomologist friend of mine kindly identified it as Rusty Longhorn Beetle [Arhopalus rusticus].