Monday, 29 July 2013

Lunchtime Sparrowhawk

Heavily cropped shot of Sparrowhawk, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich

Original uncropped Sparrowhawk shot, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
 Whilst I have only ever seen one Buzzard and one Kestrel during all my lunchtime walks around the Rosary Cemetery in Norwich, I reasonably frequently catch a glimpse of a Sparrowhawk.

This bird gave its presence away by constantly calling presumably to its mate for food and was [for a Sparrowhawk] remarkably tolerant of my presence. I think it may be a young bird but will have a bit of a look in some books and update this blog if that isn't the case. I've now had a look in my 'Collins Guide' and have change my mind the grey back colour [as opposed to brown in a Juvenile which should also have some white edging to its back feathers] and the uniform nature of its chest barring make me think this was a adult female.

Sparrowhawk, Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
 The pictures were taken with my Panasonic Lumix TZ30 and the top one cropped on the computer. Pretty impressive for a piece of kit that isn't much bigger than a packet of cigarettes.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Whoops! that's not a Comma

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

Managed to get ou of the house 'early' [8.30 am] this morning with the boys [age 1 and 4] for a walk around Ken Hill Woods. I'd half hoped we might bump into a Grass Snake or get some nice views of White Admirals. Whilst stopped by the edge of a ride some dog walkers asked what the Balck and White butterflies were, thats easy White Admirals. Then they asked about the 'Ginger' one and again I said thats easy it'll be a Comma. Then they left and then this thing beat its way down the ride and landed on a Bramble flower.

This is a UK tick for me of a species that seems to be spreading in Norfolk and a welcome addition to this morning butterfly list.

A few pics of some more expected species taken this morning added for interest.

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

Silver Washed Fritillary, Ken Hill Wood

White Admiral Ken, Hill Wood

Peacock, Ken Hill Wood

Red Admiral, Ken Hill Wood

Sunday, 21 July 2013

At last some Butterflies

Painted Lady, Hunstanton Sensory Park, June 2013
Its felt like a long  time since there were lots of butterflies about, last summer was a cold wash out and this summer was late to arrive. So a double whammy for butterfly watching of depressed butterfly numbers after a few bad years and then a longer than normal wait in what could be an OK year.

I've not had a chance to venture very far in search of butterflies this year, lunchtime walks in the week and countryside strolls with the family at weekends have been my window into this butterfly summer.

Back in June whilst recuperating from a bad back my regular walk around Hunstanton [part of walking myself back to fitness] was enlivened by passing through the rather wonderful Sensory Garden. Here I saw a single Painted Lady and a couple of Red Admirals.

In Norwich lunchtime walks around the Rosary Cemetery have been poor for butterflies but a single Large Skipper was a Cemetery tick for me and last week the place was humming with bees and a couple of Comma's were hanging around a little sun trap I always check for butterflies.

Ringlet, Courtyard Farm, Norfolk, July 2013
Ringlets and Meadow Brown's are now on the wing and the picture above was taken this morning at Courtyard Farm of a 'chilled' insect waiting to warm up.
White Admiral, Ken Hill Wood, Norfolk, July 2013
A personal favourite is the White Admiral and I am lucky to have a copy close to an office I work out of in Snettisham. These have started to emerge over the last week and I am looking forward to another week or two in their company.